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Asheg Brom’s writing services

Why choose me , you ask?

What differentiates me as a writer is the same thing that differentiates me as an English teacher - 


* I care about the quality and accountability of the words I weave

* I care about creating an understanding, personal relationship with my students / clients, and, in turn,

* I care about how my work benefits my students / clients in the long term. 

To me, there is no such thing as "just a job".

- I have over 30 year's experience as a writer, publisher and editor
in Australia and China 
- I hold a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Communications from Melbourne University and a Masters in TESOL
- I have been teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) for over fourteen years, specialising in teaching writing
- I have had feature articles, interviews, reviews, stories, press releases, educational material, promotional material and even poetry published (mostly under the name Ashley Brown) in, among many others - 

Beat, Inpress, Farrago, Catalyst, Easey, Jacaranda Textbooks,,, Newcastle Short Story Award Anthology, Unusual Work,,, Beijing Review (, The Foreign Teacher,, Xin Dong Fang education, and Jiangsu Province Yearbook. Additionally, I have ghostwritten two English textbooks (both in China), dozens of blog posts, and proofread academic texts on everything from film soundtracks to buddhism.

I have also edited and published many journals and local anthologies, as well as my own book, which is available here

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