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“Ashley has inspired me tremendously in both speaking and writing. Instead of lecturing on what to follow, he encouraged me to learn through doing and constantly gave me feedback. More importantly, he taught me how to think in English. Thanks to his instruction, I have made significant progress, including a first prize award in a provincial speech contest, and 7.5 in IELTS writing. Ashley is a great teacher and friend” – Alice Wei, China

“Ashley is a good friend and a great teacher. When he was in China Pharmaceutical University, he usually had lunch or played with us after class. He is a good listener and an excellent adviser. Not only did we learn much about oral English, but we could get a better understanding of different cultures. He is easy-going and humorous” – Li Shuoshuo, China

“Ashley is my first foreign English teacher. He taught us writing. He has unique teaching ways for English writing. He taught us not just words or expressions, but ways of thinking! Although he was teaching us English writing, he also helped us a lot in oral English. We were always invited to lunch with him and spoke English together. This really influenced us a lot. We were much more confident in speaking than other English learners. Ashley is really an incredible and reliable teacher” – Emma Jiang, China

 “I’ll never forget his humour and energy – I never enjoyed English classes before going to his” – Inderpreet Kaur, India

“Ashley has been the one of the best foreign teachers I have met and we have maintained our friendship for years. I still often recall those days of having his class where we can feel his humour, wisdom and most of all, his care for students” – Ruihuan Liu, China

“Ashley was the best writing instructor I’ve ever met! He not only provided me with practical methods to write English academic articles in a clear and logic way, but also many useful writing tips in CV, PS, and etc. He was extremely professional and friendly to learn from. I would recommend his course to anyone” – Magenta Shen, China

“He is not only a good teacher, but also a good friend…life changes after his classes” – Molly Ye, Barcelona

“I was impressed with his use of everyday examples to help us understand. This has helped me remember things from his class to this day” – Supansa Darawan, Thailand

“Ashley helped me a lot revise my writing. For example, thanks to him, my drama script won the second prize in my university. His class is intriguing and productive. Highly recommended” – Nicola Dai, China

“Ashley was my oral English teacher during my sophomore year and definitely the best one ever! He has intensive passion and commitment of helping his students to advance more in learning English…Not only entertaining but very thought-provoking—my spoken English improved a lot after he taught me how to express myself in a logical way, from which I still benefit” – Xiaojuan Huang, China

“His classes felt like a little family we visited twice a week” – Negasi Adebayo, Ethiopia

“I had a huge problem speaking in front of people, but I needed to do a presentation to pass. If Ashley didn’t help me outside the class, there’s no way I could have done it. I left that course with not just a pass, but much more confidence as a person” – Geetika Govindarajan, India

“I loved how he always explained why we were learning what we were learning. This changed the lessons from things to learn to things to benefit from. I’d never seen a class like that before” – Aaron Pham, Vietnam

“He explained things, often using drawings or objects, in ways that I could finally understand. I waited 20 years for someone to explain those things clearly” – Vivian Qi, China

“His methods of teaching writing are methodical, logical, clear and productive. If you are serious about learning how to write in English, I can’t recommend him enough” – Kamran Asfour, Egypt

“It was very positive the way in which we have to think first the answer by ourselves ask and compare with the partner and then have your explanation…try to figure out the meaning by context” – Sara Posada Isaacs, Columbia

“His writing classes in particular were excellent, being informative, clear and instructive, giving fresh perspectives on both the material and teaching methods…The writing quality of his students vastly improved under his instruction, and I have gone on to use some of his ideas…what truly sets Ashley apart from other teachers is his passion regarding helping students, both in and out of the classroom – indeed, he attained a solid reputation for building and maintaining strong relationships with students, and “going the extra mile” to help them” – Wang Chenglin, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China
“…Ashley demonstrated excellent teaching skills and achieved outstanding teacher-student relationship and educational results. With active participation in teaching and research activities and enthusiastic cooperation with other faculty members, Mr. Brown is respected for his contribution made to the development of the English Department” – Yan Zhijun, Deputy Dean, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China


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