Sample Chapters from my book

As I mentioned on the about page, I'm in a career-changing period, as are millions of other people over the world, due to the contemporary global situation re COVID - in my own case, I'm using my transferrable skills to change from being a teacher of EAL (English as an Additional Language)/ELICOS/IELTS, and writer/editor/publisher, to a copywriter and SEO analyst. Originally, this entire site was made to promote my memoir, "Chicken Same Duck Talk - Diary of an Australian Teacher in China", written about my life in China from 2006 to 2015. Despite having a career change from teaching to content SEO, the book is available now, and once writer's festivals can physically happen again, she'll be out there in them!

Below are links to sample chapters. I have chosen these chapters because - 

1. Introduction - this gives good background info on what the book is, and elements of its formatting (yes it's useful).

2. Chapters Five, Six and Eight because they were early in my days in China (all within my first two years).

3. Chapter Eighteen because it was in my later years in China (around the seventh-year mark).

Click here to read Chapter Zero (Introduction)

Click here to read Chapter Five

Click here to read Chapter Six (excerpt)

Click here to read Chapter Eight (edit)

Click here to read Chapter Eighteen (excerpt)