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Sexy Apostrophe #6

This edition will be short, and not like the other issues - like the rest of the world at the moment, my beloved site, and her blog, are needing to adapt to the current global environment, which is currently pretty crappy.

So what I’ll do this issue is give you a few updates, in point form, about what’s been going on with the site and my book. The main thing missing from this issue, due to time restrictions, is the cutting room floor - passages from of my book which didn’t make the final edit, which, if you’re a regular reader, you know are extensive. That’s ok, that means more for next issue!

So what’s been going on? Here’s some highlights -

· I’ve been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) courses (see my new CV page), and refining the website accordingly in order to promote my writing, editing and SEO services, so if you have a website that needs writing, editing or SEO, get onto me now while my rates are cheap!

· The website now has a sitemap page!

· As a kind of echo of what should have been, my bio from the Newcastle Writers Festival is still up here …remember, my book "Chicken Same Duck Talk" was in the festival’s program this year, booked to be launched on Saturday, 4th of April, at the Press Book House, Newcastle, NSW…but, well, a certain virus got in the way…in the meantime, you can still buy the book here, read some of it here, and read reviews of it here

· The book’s now available at Brunswick Bound, one of Melbourne’s best boutique/indie bookshops. It’s available here

· Here’s some pics of me writing MY NEW BOOK!!!!!! Believe it or not,

it’s a children’s book! It’s very similar to Dr. Seuss,

it’s in its final draft stages, and currently shopping for a suitable illustrator. Get excited! It’s a pretty funny read, and a bit of a, ahem, non sequitur after my last book - and they book after, or maybe around the same time, will be a sci-fi! That one’s already written, so she’s just biding her time…get excited about that one too! Expect more details about the children’s book in the next issue of Sexy Apostrophe.

· Also get excited about more works by my publishing house, Non Sequitur Publishing, which will be publishing the works of more Melbourne writers over the next year or so - if you want to be one of them, send us an email!

· The book’s logo - the Ying and Yang chicken/duck symbol, is now the site’s/my company’s, kind of analogous to George Lucas’ THX sound, and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, if you know what I mean. Woohoo!

I look forward to getting in touch with you all again soon, with more words, more passages from my book, and more news of the upcoming books...oh, and stay tuned for the impending promo campaign for my writing, editing and SEO's going to be big!

Love you all, stay safe and well,

Asheg Brom, Melbourne, September 2020

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