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Sexy Apostrophe VII - 欢迎来到性感撇号第七!

Hi there everyone! It’s been a long time between drinks again…I think from now on I’ll post less stuff, but more often.

Hmmm, maybe I've said that before…

Well on with the show! One of the main reasons for the delay is that my creative world is only waking up after the dumpster fire that was last year…the less said about that the better.

The main piece of news to tell you this post is that I have my photos of China, of course plugging the book, at a solo show at Tin Pot Café in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. They look fantastic! A thousand thanks to the café owners, Lidio and Doriana, for giving me the opportunity for exposure in such a popular café in such a stylish area of inner northern Melbourne. Check out the pics!

The exhibition opening was last Saturday, which went amazingly. The photos will be in the café, for sale, until the end of March - stay tuned to find out when closing night drinks are.

As well as this exhibition, I have another one, a very different one, opening at Blackcat Gallery, Johnston Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, on April 22nd…this will be a group show, and feature photos of a part-time job that I’ve had since December, since the global pandemic has made my industry (Teaching English as an Additional Language), dry up somewhat. Here’s a sneak preview of those photos, all mounted on wood…

And lastly, my album recommendation, which I still try to do in these blogs….Fear Innoculum by Tool, their first album in thirteen years, released in 2019…absolutely definitely worth the wait, and clearly the next step in their spiritual progression. Think Lateralus Part II. I’m so happy that I caught the Fear Innoculum tour in Melbourne in February 2020, just before the world turned off for a year. In fact, here’s a photo from it…

Hope all is well where you are, whatever you’re doing. Take care, and see you all soon. Here’s me in my current work station. Love you all and see you soon!!!


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