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Photos from the book

As I mentioned on the about page, I'm in a career-changing period, due to the contemporary global situation re COVID, from a teacher of EAL (English as an Additional Language) and writer/editor/publisher, to a copywriter and SEO analyst. The truth is that, originally, this entire site was made to promote my memoir, "Chicken Same Duck Talk - Diary of an Australian Teacher in China", written from 2006 to 2015. When I returned to Australia in 2015, and began editing the book, I put photos and passages from it in various art galleries in Melbourne. The photos below are from three of them. Despite having a career change from teaching to content SEO, I have definitely not mothballed my book. She's out there now, and once writer's festivals can physically happen again, she will once more part of them.

Here's some photos of my life in China, most of which are in the Book....enjoy!!!!

NOTE : All photos on this site are COPYRIGHT 2019 Asheg Brom. Any unautohorised reproduction or distribution of these images must be approved by the author.



Suzhou_Tiger Hill.jpg

Tiger Hill, Suzhou, Jiangsu 虎丘,苏州,江苏

Huangshan 5.JPG

Huangshan, Anhui 黄山, 安徽

Wuhan Chinese Opera 1.JPG

Wuhan, Hubei 武汉, 湖北

Red Horse Lake 2.JPG

Red Horse Lake, Hunan 赤马湖,湖南

Nanjing Street sign.JPG

Gulou square, Nanjing, Jiangsu 鼓楼广场,南京,江苏

Fujian Tulou2_Chengqi Lou 5.JPG

Tulou King, Fujian Tulou area, Fujian 土楼王,福建土楼


Wuchang area, Wuhan, Hubei 武昌区,武汉,湖北


Xiamen, Fujian 厦门,福建

Changsha Museum 6.JPG

Hunan Museum, Changsha, Hunan 湖南博物馆,长沙,湖南

Beijing Great Wall 13.JPG

The Great Wall, Beijing 长城,北京

Suzhou2014_Speaking Competition2.JPG

Suzhou, Jiangsu 苏州,江苏

Suzhou2014_Liuyian Garden2.JPG

Suzhou, Jiangsu 苏州,江苏

Yangshuo 11.JPG

Yangshuo, Guangxi 阳朔,广西

Yangshuo 15.JPG

Yangshuo, Guangxi 阳朔,广西

Mulanshan 7.JPG

Mulanshan, Hubei 木兰山,湖北

Suzhou first trip.JPG

Suzhou, Jiangsu​ 苏州,江苏

Nanjing_CPU Day Trip.jpg

Nanjing, Jiangsu 南京, 江苏

Shanghai Museum 7.JPG

Shanghai Museum, Shanghai 上海博物馆, 上海

Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory 2.JP

Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing, Jiangsu 天文台,南京,江苏

Lingshan 1.JPG

Lingshan, Jiangsu 灵山,江苏

Lingshan 2.JPG

Lingshan, Jiangsu 灵山,江苏

Longmen Grottoes 13.JPG

Longmen Grottoes, Henan 龙门石窟,河南

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