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Exhibition opening photos

As I said on the about page, I'm changing careers, due to the current global situation, from a teacher of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and writer/editor/publisher, to a copywriter and SEO analyst. In fact, this entire site was originally made to promote my book, "Chicken Same Duck Talk - Diary of an Australian Teacher in China", written between 2006 and 2015. When I got back to Australia in 2015, and started editing the book, I put photos and excerpts from it in various art galleries in Melbourne. These photos are from three of them. These exhibitions were used to promote this website, which, in turn, promoted the book.

Even though I may be doing a career change from teaching to content SEO, I have definitely not put my book in a drawer. She's out there now, and once writer's festivals can physically happen again, she will once more part of them! Enjoy! 

Collingwood Gallery,  Melbourne,  2018

Black Cat Gallery,  Melbourne,  2019

Brunswick Street Gallery,  Melbourne,  2016

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