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Asheg Brom's academic qualifications in the Education, editing, publishing and SEO

(remember Asheg Brom is my pen name - if you want to know why, ask!)

Masters in TESOL, Melbourne University, 2018


Graduate Diploma in Editing and Communications, Melbourne University, 2006

Asheg_Brom_Postgraduate Diploma_Melbourn

Graduate Certificate in English Literature, Melbourne University, 2005

Asheg_Brom_Postgraduate Certificate_Engl

Build your Author Platform (short course), Australian Writers' Centre, 2020

Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry), RMIT, 2003


CELTA Certificate, University of Cambridge, 2013

Ashley Brown CELTA Certificate-2-page-00

A program of five Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialisation courses by the University of California, Davis (via, 2020 

Asheg_Brom_SEO Fundamentals.jpg
Asheg_Brom_SEO_Optomising_a_Website for_
SEO Advanced Content and Social Contacts
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